Gold Buyer Review

Who pays the most for your gold, silver, or platinum jewelry?

This is one of the questions that we asked ourselves when we started this website. We started to visit gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and platinum jewelry buying shops everywhere we visited thought out the United States and found a wide variety of prices and standards. We decided to review all the gold buyers that we visited and rate them and give out award for the best gold buyer every year.

After the first year we had more and more gold buyers contact us and wanted to be reviewed to win the award, so we had to get outside help or secret shoppers in many different states. We here at gold buyer review have reviewed gold buyers in most states. If you wish to be reviewed please contact us so we can put you on the list to be reviewed.

Gold Buyer reviews the gold buyers in the following areas

  1. 1.    Amount they pay for your gold
  2. 2.    Safety of the store
  3. 3.    Knowledge of the staff
  4. 4.    Available Parking
  5. 5.    If they pay in check or cash

Every year we award a gold buyer that we review an award for being the best gold buyer in the United States of America. Gold Buyer Review searches throughout the reviews that we receive from your secret shoppers that review other gold and jewelry buyers through the United States.